Three-Month Full Program

Social Media is all about being the voice for your company — and consumers today are smart enough to know the difference between a company of people and a company of numbers. Consumer loyalty, time and again, is borne out of consumers who feel they are part of your brand. They want to be talked to, not talked at.

Which means learning all about social media and how to take on this fun task yourself.

We have a three-month program designed to incorporate all the social channels you need. First we’ll restructure your online presence to fit with your company’s brand, including a social audit, website additions, new creative, branding integration, and an initial strategic integration.

Next step is to launch your new campaign with the utilization of A/B testing and social listening to determine what works best for your brand. And through the entire process, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to eventually take back the reins yourself.

Get started with your three-month full program today.

Individual Programs

Need help with your social presence, but simply do not have the time to do it yourself? Not a problem. We can help you bolster any platform, campaign, event, product or service — we just need to know what channels you want to use!

community management icon

Community Management:

Development of day-to-day social posts and monitoring of all messages coming in to the brand, as well as reverse engagement to keep your audience interested.

social advertising icon

Social Advertising:

Develop, launch and monitor ads on all relevant social channels for a wide range of products, services, and events.

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Events Promotion:

Creation of hyper-targeted campaigns designed to drive attendance, development of on-site promotions, like hashtag campaigns and SnapChat filters, and finally someone on the ground at your event, promoting on your channels.

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Branding Refresh:

An audit of your social media usage along with current trends. New creative and updates for each channel, and a tutorial for the updated launch.

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Social Media Audit:

A full audit of all channels, including what's working, what isn't, and how you stack up against your competition. Social audits are free with three-month package.

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Analytics Breakdown:

Need to know how people feel about a particular campaign you're running? We'll review how your audience is responding to your marketing and social ads, and present any changes needed.


Sometimes a social media campaign isn't all you need. Updates to your website, SEO and SMO, new creative for your pages...We can add these services to any package you need.

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Website Development:

Are you concerned about a website that can keep up with your social presence? Or are you not even ready for social; you have too much to update on your on site? We can help! A social presence can’t be cohesive without an amazing website, and we have just the tools and talent to get you there.

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What good is reaching out to the masses if they don’t even know you’re there? Meta-tagging, keyword development, coupled with the right kind of analytics means your potential consumer base will see you first.

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Graphic Design:

Social media is all about the visual; and no one gets that more than we do. Let our group of talented artists create the contentyou need to make your social posts the perfect kind of memorable.