Social Media Strategist by day, Writer by night. Media Nerd squished into
all the middle bits. I'm everywhere you want to be.

That's me in a nutshell. The short form, if you will. Now, here's the long form:

Ten years of Social Media Marketing Experience

Thirteen years of Social Media - I’m a nerd who can’t get off these websites - Experience

Alotmoreyears of chat rooms and online boards and all the other things that have made up the OG Online Social Experience

That’s me. Since my parents bought our first computer way back in the Online Dark Ages, I’ve been obsessed with venturing out and exploring the world wide web, and all it has to offer. I’ve been doing social since before the term Social Media even existed.

Going into social media marketing when I got my MBA just seemed...natural.

I have helped companies of all sizes -- from tiny startups and nonprofits, to major media corporations -- move their social presence forward. I’ve gone viral, increased sales, developed strong branding platforms, and generally introduced countless companies and people to the exciting world of social media marketing.

I take a hands on approach, guiding you through what works in today’s social. I'll show you how to understand social channels from a busines sperspective, utilize the various social listening tools and analytics platforms, and recognize what’s performing well and how to capitalize on it, all leading to the creation and implementation of your voice for your brand.

Remember, the key to social isn’t talking at your customers, but talking to them. It’s time to get heard.