This Color Looks Better On Me

Welcome (back) to 131 Consulting. It’s been a long and sordid journey, scraped from the ashes, as I clawed my way out of Mount Doom to run my own company. I can see you’re on the edge of your seat, so I won’t make you wait any longer. Here’s my story:

So, it was January 2017 (so long ago, I know), and I was at an expo with my one and only client, discussing her work, her social needs, and checking out all the tiny human clothes, as she was a designer, and I was in the land of pint-size Gucci shoes. She’d been my client for months at this point, having picked her up part time while I was working full time for a company that specialized in social influencer marketing. But that company had a massive restructuring, and I was a victim of that. That had been last August. And trying to find full time work in New York City is…it’s own special brand of insanity. Besides, I wasn’t sure if that was even what I wanted.

I had been quietly kicking around the idea of relaunching my company, but I knew everything about it needed a ground-up overhaul. And because of that, I wasn’t even trying to promote myself.

Fast Forward back to January, and there I was, one client and completely unsure where my future was going. My client knew I was thinking about relaunching myself, and had taken to pushing me on the subject, even going so far as to introduce me, as my company, to every one of her colleagues that came by her booth.

There was just one problem: I’d stopped carrying my business cards. After all, why carry something that looked dated, and where half the information was wrong?

Then my client said something that now seems like the simplest thing I should have thought to have done.

“Stephanie, it doesn’t matter if you’re business is ready to be promoted. You can still order temp business cards, then you’d at least have something to hand out.”

Shocking concept, right there.

So, I went home that night and did just that. But apparently, as I am not the person to do anything halfway (except for marathons, which the halfsies are way better), I spent hours picking a design I liked, and the ones I ended up choosing became the turning point of where I actually wanted to take my brand. Seriously, some temp black and white cards with a gold trim became the defining look of my entire new business.

And, as they say, the rest is history.

(Well, not entirely, there’s also a whole story about having an epiphany at Target the next day, but that’s a story for another day.)

So, welcome to my shiny and not-new-but-kinda newish consulting firm, 131 Consulting!

I’ve revamped my brand to not only look better (seriously, tell me it’s not awesome), but I’ve added a whole host of new services, including Social Listening, Social Audits, SEO, and Web Services, just to name a few.

Social Media is my passion, and I’ve been at this game for ten years now. I know exactly what works and what doesn’t, and I can help you build your social media to everything you want it to be, regardless of business model, size, or budget. I’ve worked with it all, and I’ve excelled across the board.

Be sure to check out my services page for everything I offer, or simply head to the contact page and let me know what it is you’re hoping to accomplish. I am certain I can help you put your best brand forward.

Stay Shiny. 😉

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