New Facebook Pages is here!

Well, it’s finally here. Since its announcement back in the Spring, Facebook has finally launched their new look for Pages across the board. Have you had chance to review your page yet?

It’s a lot cleaner than it was, with a more streamlined newsfeed timeline. I love the way they moved the tabs down the right side, with a simple drop menu along the top. It gets a lot of the clutter out of the way, and gives a bit of symmetry to the page.

I also am a huge fan of how analytics are now presented on the back end. So much information that was jumbled around the top (or that you had to go digging for) is spaced out along the right and left sides to allow for a quick review of not just the number of followers you have, but your recent engagement as well.

Take a look at ours, and be sure to check out your own. There’s so much to be learned from the new look.




Posted by Stephanie Cole

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