Twitter for 2014 – Yes, it looks just like Facebook, Google+, Tumblr… But that’s a good thing!

You’ve all seen the new updates for Twitter. One of the first things a client said to me was, “It looks like Facebook. I hate Facebook. Ergo, I now hate Twitter.”

A little harsh, mind you, but it’s true. Twitter has thankfully given up making you spend hours trying to design the perfect background to fit any and all computer screen sizes, and instead has given you a header with a (sort of) specific size, good for (almost any) computer screen.

Makes total sense, right?

But that’s not all. While Twitter was the original chronological posting site, not subject to some algorithm that means only certain people see your posts, they’ve still made changes that allow your page to show the best of what you’ve got. That’s right. Your most popular post now sits at the top of your page, along with your most recent. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your best posts, without having to go dig for them. It’s probably my favorite new feature.

Honestly, of all the updates I’ve seen for Social Media pages over the last few years, this has to be my favorite. It’s a bold change and a brand new look. You have to respect a company that recognizes what works and what doesn’t in the marketplace, and makes changes to how your page is presented accordingly.

Before we leave you, I thought I’d give you the dimensions spreadsheet to use when making your new creative for Twitter. A special shout out to @jenns_trends for making this extremely user-friendly image. Now go forth and brand yourselves!

Be sure to click on the image for full-scale.


Posted by Stephanie Cole

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