Brand Consistency: Easier than you think, but you’re still doing it wrong


It’s 2014. Where do you stand on Brand Integration?

A lot of people ask what it means to use Social Media for business these days. Is it just about posting updates? Making gifs and videos? Handing out links to articles?

Sure it is. But that all comes later.

Any Social Media Consultant worth their paycheck is going to start by taking a look at your profile and header photos. Because, from the very beginning, there is no point in promoting your business if the face you put forward isn’t the best you’ve got.

It’s a simple enough task, but one more clients than not miss the mark on. Make sure your profile photo is consistent across all channels, and is clearly identifiable at anything from 220px down to 50px. Make sure you’re header photo is consistent across all channels, as well. With the new changes to Twitter in recent weeks, almost every major Social Media site now has a place for header photo. Use it.

Make sure that no matter what channel your consumers land on, they know it’s yours. Each channel needs to be used for a different purpose, but unless your consumers can instantly identify the pages as yours, there’s no point in promoting your business through Social Media at all.

And that’s all just Day 1.

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At the conceptualization phase, think about what users might associate with your brand, how they feel about it. Are you designing for a toy manufacturer?

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