To Human or Not To Human

First off, let me just apologize for my absence. I’m finally back to my business blog.


So, here’s an interesting question I receive from clients all the time: How ‘humanized’ should they make their social media channels?

I actually have a (somewhat) canned answer for this. When it comes to personalities, I tell them that I actually prefer that they do most of their postings, so as to develop their voice how they would sound. But when it comes to businesses, they should be as human as they can get away with knowing they there is every possibility a multitude of people over the company’s lifetime will be posting on their behalf.

Sounds pretty straightforward, right? It’s not. When I tell my ‘human’ clients, I get a very strong deer-in-headlights look because


(I swear, I’m turning that into my next hashtag campaign)

Then I turn therapist, tell them to breathe, and set about helping them develop their voice together.

A lot of social media experts want to tell clients, “Oh, sure. No problem. I can do all your postings for everything on your behalf and it’ll sound just like you,” except that it won’t. Especially when said expert isn’t working for you anymore.

Businesses, though. They can be simultaneously much easier and much harder. With businesses, the voice itself is so much more broad, it’s more easily adaptable from person to person. But then you have to remember that your client is handing over control of their social media voice to you. That’s not a small responsibility.

Why don’t we just say we all remember what happened with US Airways. Let’s just leave it at that.

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